General conditions

General conditions

WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION, but we have to inform you of some conditions that are necessary so that no surprises or misunderstandings occur …


Before the 48 hours following the acceptance of the “Pre-reservation” by the owner, the client must make a transfer in the current account that is provided as an advance or provide the credit card details, for the purposes of formalize the Reservation, indicating your name and the days of the stay.

The amount to enter will be:

In reservations of 1 or 2 nights, the amount of one night.
For reservations of more than 3 nights, 40% of the total price of the services requested.

After this period, in the case of not having received said payment, the establishment reserves the right to propose the accommodation to other potential clients. The remaining amount will be paid upon arrival at the property.

Once the prepayment is received, we will send you the reservation confirmation. The reservation is not made until the owner has received the prepayment, and you have not received the confirmation of the reservation.

The cost of the bank transfer is paid by the client, and can never be deducted from the cost of the rental.

The request or receipt of information on the status of Availability of the establishment does not imply the acceptance of the Reservation by the owner.


In the event of the cancellation of a reservation, before the client’s arrival at the establishment, a series of cancellation fees will be applied depending on how far in advance the reservation is canceled. All the expenses derived from it will be paid by the client. The percentages will be applied on the amount paid in advance. The applied penalty intervals and percentages are as follows:

10% if the cancellation is made more than 30 days in advance.
50% if the cancellation is made with 30 or fewer days and more than 15.
100% if the cancellation is made 15 or less days in advance.
In case of abandonment of the establishment in advance of the agreement between the two parties, the total amount agreed for the stay of the room will be charged for damages caused.


The time of entry to the establishment will be from 1:00 p.m. until 6 p.m. If, for any reason, you plan your arrival before or after this time frame, please let us know and we will try to accommodate you at the desired time.
Unless prior notice, the client must occupy the room before 18:00 on the day scheduled for arrival. Otherwise, after that time, the room may be rented by other clients.

It is mandatory for each traveler to fill out and sign an occupation form that the owner is obliged to deliver to the Ertzaintza, as well as an entry form where the services requested by the client are collected. This document is considered a contract between the two parties.

The client is obliged to pay the price of the services at the time of presentation of the invoice, in no case, the fact of presenting a claim exempts him from said payment.


Unless the owner and the client have reached another agreement in writing, the client and all her guests must leave the Rural House before 12 noon on the stipulated day. Please request a later departure, if you need it, before your arrival, and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.


The client must inform the owner of the number of people included in the reservation. Only the number of people indicated in the booking confirmation has the right to occupy the accommodation and facilities. (Pets are not allowed inside the establishment). In case of any breach of the aforementioned obligations, the owner by his own criteria has the right to ask the client to vacate the establishment and the client will not have the right to any compensation.


The client who signs the entry form is responsible for the correct behavior of all the people who accompany him. If this person or any of the companions does not behave in an appropriate and responsible manner, the owner is authorized to ask the client and her companions to leave the establishment immediately without the client having any right to any type of compensation.


The establishment is not responsible to any client for any loss, damage, cancellation or any additional expense suffered by the client, or for any cause beyond the control of the owner.

The owner is not responsible for the loss or forgetting of objects, however if they find it in the establishment when cleaning it, they will have no problem sending it to the address provided by cash on delivery.

It is not allowed to take out of the establishment