San Juan de Gazteluatxe


Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve

The Urdaibai region is a unique natural jewel in the Basque Country. In the heart of Bizkaia and it is a natural space that constitutes the most important wetland in the Basque Country. It is home to probably the greatest landscape and ecological diversity in the entire Basque Autonomous Community.

From the cliffs and beaches of the coast, to the forests and rivers of the interior, passing through the marshes and fluvial plains, Urdaibai is an enchanted estuary where the marine and rural environment come together. For a reason, it is one of the tourist destinations par excellence in Bizkaia where culture and nature mix to offer a wide range of possibilities.

A paradise where humans and nature coexist, within a framework of respect and sustainable development.

A magical paradise that deserves to be visited.

Near our house there are several routes for hiking, such as going up to San Pedro de Atxarre, Ogoño, Laga Buru… .we will inform you.

The 10 essential places that I recommend to be visited are:

San Juan de Gazteluatxe
The beaches of Laga and Laida
Urdaibai Bird Center
The forest of Oma
Ekoetxea Urdaibai
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From Ander Abadia Zallo – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=61022591