General terms

THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION, but we have to inform some conditions that are necessary not to be any surprises or misunderstandings …


Before 48 hours of acceptance of the “Pre-booking” by the owner, the customer must make a transfer in the current account to be provided in advance or give details of the credit card, for formalize the reserve, giving your name and days of stay.

The amount to be paid will be:

When booking one or two nights, one night.
For reservations of longer than 3 days, 40% of the cost of the services requested.

After this period, in the case of not having received such payment, the property reserves the right to propose the accommodation to other potential clients. The balance shall be paid upon arrival at the establishment.

Upon receipt of the prepayment, we will send the booking confirmation. The reservation is not completed until the owner has not received the prepayment, and you have not received confirmation of the reservation.

The cost of the bank transfer is charged to the client, and can never be deducted from the cost of rent.

A request or receipt of information on the availability status of the establishment does not imply acceptance of the Reserve by the owner.


If canceling a reservation before the arrival date the establishment, apply a series cancellation fees depending on the time to set aside the reservation. All expenses incurred will be borne by the same customer. The percentages are applied on the amount paid in advance. The intervals and penalty rates applied are as follows:

10% if the cancellation is made more than 30 days in advance.
50% if the cancellation is made 30 days or less and more than 15.
100% if the cancellation is made 15 or fewer days’ notice.
If left the establishment in advance of the agreement between the two parties pay the full amount agreed to stay for the room by way of damages


The time of entry to the facility will be from 13 h. up to 18 h. If for any reason, you plan to arrive before or after bank hours, please inform us and try to accommodate when requested.
Unless notice, the customer must occupy the room before the 18 hour day for arrival. Otherwise, from that time, the room may be rented by other customers.

It is mandatory that each passenger complete and sign a statement that the owner occupancy is required to deliver to the Ertzaintza and an entry form where you list the services requested by the client. This document is considered a contract between two parties.

The customer is required to pay at the time of submission of the invoice price of services in any case, submitting a claim for a derogation of that payment.


Unless the owner and the client have reached another agreement in writing, the client and all guests have left the Cottage before the stipulated 12 hours a day. Please request a later departure, if needed, before his arrival, and will do our best to meet their wishes.


The customer has to inform the owner the number of people on the reservation. Only the number of persons in the booking confirmation has the right to occupy the accommodation and facilities. (No pets are allowed within the establishment). In the event of any breach of those obligations, the landlord for its own criteria have the right to ask the client to leave the establishment and the customer is entitled to any compensation.


The client signing the entry form is responsible for the proper conduct of all persons accompanying him. If this person or any of the companions do not behave properly and responsibly, the landlord is entitled to request the client and those accompanying the immediate departure of settlement without the client has any right to any compensation.


The establishment is not liable to any customer for any loss, damage, cancellation or any additional expense suffered by the customer, or any cause beyond the control of the owner.

The owner is not responsible for lost or forgotten objects, however if you are in the establishment to clean, will not mind sending it to the address provided by cash on delivery to

Not supported out of the establishment or utensils, bedding, blankets, etc …

In the event of any damage must notify the owner and before that occurs departure, to avoid misunderstandings. The customer will incur the cost of the damage.

The owner would appreciate any suggestions you can offer in order to make future stays more enjoyable.

Our main objective is customers to have a good experience on their way through the Urresti Cottage.

Please note that the departure time is 12 hours.

There are complaint forms available to customers.